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Dan Lenhart Locker

Dan Lenhart


Welcome to Room 11!



  • To help your child develop the academic and social skills they need in order to succeed in middle school and beyond.

  • To provide a safe, supportive, and active learning environment.

  • To help your child learn more about themselves and the world.

  • To meet the learning needs of every student and reach or exceed the learning goals of 4th grade.


  • Reading
    • For students to be “nose in the book” type readers.

    • Responsibility of book selections will fall on the reader.

    • Readers will work on comprehension and fluency at their reading level.

    • Readers will be encouraged to have deep engagement with their novels as well as to read with intensity.

    • Shifting away from surface reading and building interpretation.

    • Encouraging readers to connect ideas from interpretations.

    • Being more aware to notice details and to add more depth to their reading.

    • Reading Assessments will be administered throughout the entire year. 

    • Further instruction and coaching will be taught to help lift our student’s level of reading as they grow to be a fluent reader.

  • Writing

    • Realistic Fiction - students will be learning ways to live like writers; to take notice and pay attention to the moments and issues in their lives.

    • Informational - writing research reports with citations, using primary documents to back research, read about conflicting views on a subject, and then incorporating and synthesizing into logically structures chapters.

    • Persuasive / Argumentation - writers will learn to collect evidence, write thesis statements that will lead to a persuasive essay.

    • Literary Essay - this style bridges reading closely and writing to respond with supporting ideas and evidence

    • Writers will learn to draft, revise, edit, research, collaborate and publish their writing work.

    • Performance Assessments - students will write “On-Demand” pieces before and after each unit. These writing pieces are continually used for data and learning analysis.

  • Math

    • Place value and multi-digit addition and subtraction

    • Multiplication with whole numbers

    • Division with whole numbers

    • Equations and word problems

    • Measurement

    • Fraction concepts and operations

    • Fractions and decimals

    • Geometry

  • Science

    • Earth Science - the Changing Earth: Rocks and Minerals

    • Life Science - Ecosystem

    • Physical Science - Electricity and Magnetism

  • Social Studies

    • Early people of California

    • Explorers to Spanish Colonizers

    • Gold Rush to the building of the railroad

    • Early immigration to establishing California’s statehood

    • California’s local government system

About Mr. Lenhart

  • I grew up in Japan, Kentucky, North Carolina, and California.

  • I earned my B.S. in Business Management from Saint Mary’s College of California. 

  • I earned my M.S. in Green Building from San Francisco Institute of Architecture

  • I earned my California Teaching Credential through CalStateTEACH

  • I live in Moraga with my wife and two daughters

  • This is my third year teaching and my first year teaching here at Los Perales


Bell Schedule/Pull Outs


Bell Schedule:

8:23 am - first bell

8:25 am - attendance 

10:45 am - morning recess

12:20 pm - recess and lunch

1:50 pm dismissal WED

3:05 pm dismissal MON, TUE, THUR, FRI


Pull Outs:

MON - 9:00 am PE

TUE - 1:40 pm Music

WED - 10:00 am/11:05 am Library

THUR - 1:05 pm Computer (push in)

Friday - 1:05 Grade 4 PE, 2:05 Art


Current Assignments

Online Resources on Clever


  • DreamBox


  • Epic
  • Newsela


  • FOSS

Social Studies

  • TCI


  • Typing Club
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