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Fun Run

Kids at Finish Line
The Fun Run is the largest LP PTA fundraiser each and every year. Many of our beloved PTA events and programs would not be possible without the success of this special event as it generates approximately 60% of LP PTA annual net funds. The students really look forward to this event and we work hard to make it a fun and rewarding experience for them.  This event is supported by the larger LP community as we engage students, their families and friends, and local business owners to help us reach our annual goal.


Congrats to all of our students and teachers for running hard for our school! Here is a rundown of our top runners this year.

TK/K Top Girls

1st – Elly H with 31 laps

2nd – Emory H with 28 laps

3rd – Ella S with 27 laps

TK/K Top Boys

1st – Andrew C with 28 laps

2nd TIE– Habeeb A, Benjamin S & Connor S with 27 laps

3rd TIE – Eric A, Reed L, Miles L, Sam R, James B, Jonathan S, Donovan F & Lazar G with 26 laps


1st Grade Top Girls

1st – Whitney B with 41 laps

2nd – Xanthe S with 35 laps

3rd TIE – Maddie E, Mae L, Ashley S & Amelia L with 32 laps


1st Grade Top Boys

1st – Jaylen W with 39 laps

2nd – Aiden H with 36 laps

3rd – Krish N with 35 laps


2nd Grade Top Girls

1st – Sonali B with 43 laps

2nd – Aeriella C with 40 laps

3rd – Camille L with 39 laps


2nd Grade Top Boys

1st – Dresden G with 49 laps

2nd – Colin B with 45 laps

3rd TIE – Jacob B & Leandre M with 44 laps

3rd Grade Top Girls

1st – Hayden H with 55 laps

2nd - MacKinsey L with 51 laps

3rd – Holland W with 50 laps

3rd Grade Top Boys

1st TIE – Elliot W & Nolan D with 56 laps

2nd – Blake E with 53 laps

3rd – Patrick C with 49 laps

4th Grade Top Girls

1st – Amelia K with 46 laps

2nd TIE– Mia A & Maggie G with 42 laps

3rd – Mia D with 41 laps

4th Grade Top Boys

1st – Jacob B with 56 laps

2nd TIE – Kian M & Ryan W with 50 laps

3rd – Alexander V with 47 laps

5th Grade Top Girls

1st – Emma W with 55 laps

2nd – Syona B with 53 laps

3rd – Angele T with 51 laps

5th Grade Top Boys

1st – Lev P with 66 laps

2nd – Henry T with 65 laps

3rd – Carter C with 60 laps

Top Fundraisers for each grade:

TK/K - Emory H

1st - Elyse M

2nd - Avery M

3rd - Madison K

4th - Maggie G

5th - Kristen P




 Fun Run  2019/20



         October 11



     LP, Lower Field  


             Time :     


Grade Level(s)

Fun Run Session















      Martha Phan          Rosemary Bullock