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Millie Tang

Mrs. Tang has been an LP Panther for many, many years! She loves being outdoors, exploring old and new places, and trying out different cuisines!


Evan Amsden our 4th grade class instructional aide

Evan Amsden is our brand new instructional aide this year!

Tidbit! Mr. Amsden was once an LP panther student himself in Mrs. Tang's 4th grade class!


Millie Tang

March, 2022


Science Fair Planning

  • March 4 - all science fair boards should have been distributed
  • March 23 Science Fair (  to be announced - location TBA)

Reading and Writing Workshop for March 

  • Novel - class mentor text - Kelly Yang, Front Desk -
  • Writing - we will once again be writing essays with a thesis statement based on a mentor text - Fox, that we are reading. Students will also be able to write another essay based on their own reading.


  • fractions and decimals - end date by March 17, 2022
  • Measurement Unit will follow right after.


  • Continue with earth materials


  • Transcontinental Railroad and onwards



What's going on in Room 22 FOR FEBRUARY?

Reader's Workshop  and Writers Workshop

Studying one of the most discussed historical event in California - the Gold Rush of 1849!

Writer's Workshop - our students will be reading then synthesizing Gold Rush information to produce a Gold Rush Web page

Math - Unit 7  Fractions and Decimals

History - Gold Rush and the transcontinental railroad

Science - Earth Science