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Fun Run

Fun Run Was A Huge Success, Thanks to You!

Kids at Finish Line

Thanks to your support, our LP Fun Run was a huge success again this year! In total, we raised over $37,000 and had a participation rate of 76%! Whoo-hoo! This event helps us to fund key PTA programs at LP (teacher classroom supply stipends, assemblies, educational events such as STEM Night, Geo Bee, Spelling Bee and Science Fair, and Staff Development and Team Building activities), as well as funding current year needs which will enhance the learning experiences for all LP students. In addition, this will allow us to fund our annual capital project. Examples of previous projects are: hydration stations, new audio and visual equipment in our Oak Room, and playground equipment for the lower playground.


A huge thank you to our sponsors this year, Bruno Recruiting Group, Letter 10 Productions, Harris Consulting Group, Soraya 4 Home-Coldwell Banker, Mission Wealth, Moraga Pediatric Dentistry, MB Inman Investment Advisors, Noodle Theory, Green Leaf Psychology, Clif Bar, A Runner’s Mind and the Moraga UPS Store who all helped to make this event a success! And, of course, we would like to thank our organizers of this year’s event, Eva Elder and Erin Chang. Your dedication and commitment to planning, organizing and executing such a great event are immensely appreciated. This event was a great show of school spirit and exuded energy the whole day, which is always great to see.

little kids running

A school photo of all LP students in their Fun Run shirts will be scheduled soon (look for an announcement regarding date),and top runners will be announced and awarded at that time, but here is a rundown of our top runners for this year’s Fun Run. Congrats to all of our students and teachers for participating and putting your whole heart into this event!

TK/K Top Boys

1st-Ryan Lee with 18 Laps

2nd TIE-Krish Nangia & Sebastian Caropelo with 17 laps

3rd TIE- James Hall, Jackson Lee, Everett Fieser, & Jason Bandarra with 16 laps


TK/K Top Girls

1st-Caroline Holloway with 16 laps

2nd TIE-Mae Lathrop, Ashley Sidensol, & Eleni Leeriggins with 15 laps

3rd TIE-Elly Hoover, Margaret Keenan, Erin Yin, & Autumn Chang with 14 laps 

1st Top Boys

1st-Jacob Beckwith with 41 laps

2nd-Dresden Gerber with 39 laps

3rd TIE-Zane Hill & Kian Roland with 34 laps




1st Top Girls

1st-Sonali Berkes with 40 laps

2nd-Avery Moorhead with 31 laps

3rd-Camille Lacher with 29 laps


2nd Top Boys

1st TIE-Nolan Duff & Miles Sandler with 53 laps

2nd-Colton Kao with 52 laps

3rd-Elliott Yee with 49 laps


2nd Top Girls

1st TIE-Mackinsey Lee & Hayden Holloway with 47 laps

2nd-Jane Andrews with 46 laps

3rd-Kiyoko Cozzatti with 43 laps


3rd Top Boys

1st-Jacob Beugelmans with 52 laps

2nd-Kian Malekafzali with 48 laps

3rd-Alexander Voinea with 47 laps



3rd Top Girls

1st-Molly Maxwell with 45 laps

2nd-Maggie Giordani with 44 laps

3rd-Amelia Knutson with 42 laps


4th Top Boys

1st-Lev Panchenko with 62 laps

2nd TIE-Cade Williamson & Henry Thompson with 58 laps

3rd TIE-Jude Waide & Colby Webster with 57 laps


4th Top Girls

1st-Syona Bishop with 48 laps

2nd-Madeline Sheng-Williams with 47 laps

3rd-Marley Vlieks with 46 laps


5th Top Boys

1st-Cole Fischer with 54 laps

2nd-Brody Reed with 52 laps

3rd-Everett Zellmer with 51 laps




5th Top Girls

1st-Avery Bruno with 49 laps

2nd TIE-Anya Houston & Libby Wong with 47 laps

3rd TIE-Kaitlyn Flanagan & Lily Coane with 44 laps



Eva Elder