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Good Egg Fundraiser

good egg


About Good Eggs
Good Eggs is the simplest way to feed your family, all week long. We’re an online grocery delivery service based in the Bay Area, offering absurdly fresh local produce, easy weeknight meal kits, everyday staples, and wine, beer, and spirits — everything you want and everything you need, delivered to your door.

How it Works
When you grocery shop on Good Eggs in October and November, 5% goes back to your school. To join, just type in your school's special code, hit "Shop Now" and place your order. After that, your school will receive 5% back on every order! And as a reminder new customers will receive $20 off their first Good Eggs order.

How do enroll
To enroll in the fundraiser, all you have to do is visit and enter our school’s code lppanthers before placing an order. You only need to do this once at the beginning of the fundraiser. You don’t have to wait until October 1st to set up an account. Good Eggs won’t start giving back 5% until October 1, but if you
use the code now you will be enrolled ahead of time.



                 Gita Kesiraju 

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