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Fourth Grade


Keyboarding – Students devote part of computer lab working on finger placement, accuracy, and speed with the website, Typing Club. This program empahsizes touch typing and provides reports on the individual's progress. Students are also taught proper ergonomics when using the computer.

"Lifeskills" Word Cloud - Students used the website to compile a list of the school's lifeskills and then create a word cloud or picture made up of the words in the list. Students learned to customize their project by formatting the layout, font size, and color of the word cloud.

Digital Citizenship Slide Shows - Students collaborated in small groups to research various digital citizenship topics such as Cyber Security, Cyberbullying, Cell Phone Rules, and Passwords and Email Rules. They used Google Slides to create slide shows, which were presented in the Computer Lab.

Computer Coding – Students started computer coding on in December and worked at their own pace through the 20-hour coding Course 3 during computer lab. They learned to assembled a series of blockly commands into a simple program to move characters through a maze, perform a series of tasks, or draw geometric designs and pictures. During the week of December 3-7,  students will participate in the worldwide Hour of Code event and worked on special activities on the website. (See Classroom Links below) 

Google Docs - Students learned how to use Google Docs for classroom and computer lab assignments.

Internet Searches – Students learned how to conduct better Internet searches and refine their searches using search tips and tricks


Website Links:

Typing Club - You will need to login with your Username (first initial and last name, no spaces) and password (ms123456)

Dance Mat Typing

Mrs. Lee's Login -Students will need to know their secret words to login

Mrs. Rhoden's Login - Students will need to know their secret words to login

Mrs. Tang's Login - Students will need to know their secret words to login