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Attendance Line Information

Parents must call the Attendance Line (925-377-4174) or send a message to the Attendance email if their child will be absent or late, for any reason, on a daily basis (sick, doctor appointment, overslept, etc.). If a child is marked absent, and there is no message on the Attendance Line to verify the absence, the office must call until someone is reached to verify the absence.

Students who come into school late due to tardiness or appointment must stop by the school office to obtain a pass to class, and a parent must sign them in as well.

If your child will be absent from school for three or more consecutive days, please give the teacher at least one week notice so independent study work can be arranged. Please send a written note requesting an Independent Study Contract, so that it can be filed with the office. For independent study only, calls to the Attendance Line do not need to be made on a daily basis.

Attendance Hotline