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Ms. Hood- Teacher's Assistant
Ms. Hood- Teacher's Assistant
Be an Upstander!
Star of the Week!

We will be starting Star of the Week in September.  Your child will be coming home with a poster one week before their date.  Please help them fill out the poster if need be.  They are allowed to bring something to share each day.  No animals however are allowed for sharing.  Their poster will be hung in our room the entire week, and returned home the following Friday.  To make it fare, I have not scheduled anybody on a week where we have a day or two off.

Suzanne Tom

A Rainbow of Possibilities at Los Perales!
A Rainbow of Possibilities at Los Perales!
1st Grade Master Weekly Schedule: Math, Reading, Writing may change
This is a general calendar - classroom subjects may change but electives will  not
Electives Schedule

ART - Monday 1:05 with Ms. Larsen

MUSIC - Wednesday 2:05 with Mr. Chegia

LIBRARY - Thursday 1:05 with Mrs. Boggs

PE - Tuesday 1:25 with Mr. Kirby and Friday 1:05 with Mr. Studebaker


I will be setting up your child's own Raz-Kids account, which they can use at school and at home. Their username and password cards will be sent home the week of Sept. 11. Parents can also register and see how their child is performing!

To help your child be a stronger reader, please have them listen to the story once, read aloud the second time and then reread the third time. If they have a microphone on their computer, they can also record their reading so I can listen to them (I LOVE that!). Afterwards, they can take their quiz and see how they do. They may need to read the story again to move onto the next book. Happy Reading!

Scholastic Book Orders!


Please create a love of reading by letting your child choose their own books at the library, bookstore or order online. Reading 20 min. a day at home will help support their reading development. 

We will be sending Scholastic book orders home every month. Just like adults love to browse in bookstores, kids love to look at the Scholastic orders and see what's new and exciting. I earn points every time you order and I love to purchase books for our classroom. No need to send in orders and checks! This is done all online. :)

Here's a link to my Scholastic website if you'd like to take a look!