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Ms. Olivia - Teacher's Assistant
Ms. Olivia - Teacher's Assistant

Important Dates!

Friday, January 18 - NO SCHOOL due to Staff Development

Monday, January 21 - NO SCHOOL due to MLK Jr. holiday

Suzanne Tom Locker

Electives Schedule

ART - Every other Monday 1:00-1:45 with Ms. Larsen

MUSIC - Tuesdays 9:55-10:25 with Mr. Jent

LIBRARY - Tuesdays 1:25-1:55 with Mrs. Russell

COMPUTERS - Thursdays 1:00-1:30 with Ms. Ludwig

PE - Wednesdays 1:05-1:50 and Thursdays 10:45-11:30 with Mr. Studebaker

Math Stations - Every other Friday 12:40-1:55 (subject to change due to holidays)

Star of the Week!

We will be starting Star of the Week in September.  Your child will be coming home with a poster one week before their date.  Please help them fill out the poster if need be.  They are allowed to bring something to share each day.  No animals however are allowed for sharing.  Their poster will be hung in our room the entire week, and returned home the following Friday.  To make it fare, I have not scheduled anybody on a week where we have a day or two off.


I will be setting up your child's own Raz-Kids account, which they can use at school and at home. Their username and password cards will be sent home the week of Sept. 11. Parents can also register and see how their child is performing!

To help your child be a stronger reader, please have them listen to the story once, read aloud the second time and then reread the third time. If they have a microphone on their computer, they can also record their reading so I can listen to them (I LOVE that!). Afterwards, they can take their quiz and see how they do. They may need to read the story again to move onto the next book. Happy Reading!

Suzanne Tom

Miss Nelson is Missing! Musical
Miss Nelson is Missing! Musical


Friday, February 8

Dear Room 11 Families,

Happy Friday!


We had a very busy week finishing up our Informational Writing unit. Their All About books are packed with interesting facts and drawings! We sent home their rough drafts in their folder. Please take a moment and have them read their favorite aloud to you.


We also have been working on Making Ten to add on to teen totals in math. We played a “How Many Pockets Came to School?” activity all week. Ask them what it was all about if you get a chance.

Valentine’s Day

Our fabulous room parents, Meghan and Jenn, are putting together our Valentine’s Day party. They sent out a Signup Genius for any parent volunteers. Please feel free to join us even if all slots are full. If your child would like to get a jump start on their cards, below is our class list. There are currently 23 students.




























Mother Goose’s Character Camp Musical


Lights! Camera! Action!

I’ve had a blast with your child during our drama time. We have been working hard memorizing our lines, songs and choreography and now we’re ready to put on our performance!

We are planning to have Mrs. Tom’s performance on

Friday, March 1 from 11:30-12:00 in the Oak Room.

Siblings, grandparents, friends are welcome! Remember to sign into the office before you walk down to the Oak Room.

My musicals are very low key... I do not expect parents to purchase costumes/props and I do not make elaborate sets. These are just fun classroom musicals that help them memorize, practice fluency, build confidence, teach listening/speaking skills but most importantly - to have fun in drama!

On Friday, March 1, please have your child wear the following for their character’s costumes:

  1. Spider - should wear all black

  2. Pussycat - all one color (shirt/pants) in cat colors: orange, white, black, grey

  3. Miss Muffet and Mother Goose - long cotton dress/skirt with bonnet or sun hat. If you have metal/wire glasses that would be great but not necessary.

  4. Campers should wear a blue t-shirt (long or short, any shade and can have logos). They can wear baseball hats or sun hats, too.

  5. Camp counselors should wear a red t-shirt (long or short, can have logos)

Cast party!

Following our performance, families are welcome to stay and have lunch on the quad outside of the Oak Room from 12:00-12:20. If it is raining, you can eat with them inside the Oak Room at the upper grade tables. We kindly ask that you dispose of your lunch in the appropriate containers and make sure your child is at lunch recess by 12:20.

If you have any questions, please contact me at

Thanks so much and hope to see you there!

Suzanne Tom


Room 11 Updates!

January Updates!

Happy 2019! I hope all of you had a wonderful winter break.

We are in full swing already! We are continuing our informational reading and writing workshop lessons. We are also learning some strategies making 10 and using doubles to help solve addition problems in math.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

We have been learning about this amazing man the past week in social studies, computers and in class. Ask your child what they've learned and what they wish in order to have a better place to live.

Smart Watches

Students are coming to school wearing smart watches. Ms. Richards has informed us that this is not allowed at school. They are very distracting for six year old children no matter how hard they are trying to stay focused in class. If you need to have them use it after school, please keep it in their backpack. Thank you for your support.

Important Dates:

Friday, January 18 - NO SCHOOL due to Staff Development

Monday, January 21 - NO SCHOOL due to MLK Jr. holiday

Friday, February 1 - Field Trip: Miss Nelson is Missing Play at St. Mary's Everyone is an early bird! Permission slips will be coming home in your Communications Folder on Thursday, Jan. 17.

Good News/Sad News:

Some of you might have heard that our dear Mrs. Guzman, has decided to student teach at a full immersion school starting the beginning of the year. She is from Chile and is bilingual in Spanish - a gift that will help support so many students! She was a tremendous source of help and brought great energy to Room 11. We wish her well and hope she'll learn a lot at her new placement.

Thank you for the generous and thoughtful gifts. I enjoyed reading my cards and seeing so many wonderful family photos.


Mrs. Tom


December Updates!

I enjoyed meeting with all of you at our Parent-Teacher conferences. I feel so lucky to have your child in my 1st grade class this year! If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me.

SeeSaw - Don't forget to signup on SeeSaw using the QR code I handed you at our conference. We are publishing in class and our students are excited to read your positive comments!

We had a blast learning about matter during our Camp Edmo Science in-class field trip today! It's made out of cornstarch, water and food coloring. Students should keep this in the refrigerator and it will last for a couple of weeks.

In your Homework Folder you will find their Unit 3 Math review worksheets. You DO NOT need to return this to me. I just wanted you to know we will be taking a test next week and it might be helpful if you review their math concepts over the weekend.

We have a new student, Andrew Xie, who joined our Room 11 family this past week. Please welcome the Xie family and make them feel welcome!

Meghan Gerber sent out information in regards to our classroom holiday party. Please reach out to our room parents if you have any questions.

Thanks so much for your support!


November Updates!

Happy November everyone! Thanks to Jen ,Meghan and all our parent volunteers for coordinating an amazing Halloween party! I love the photos Sarah shared with us, too.

This is an exciting month... Book Faire, movie night, conferences and Thanksgiving holiday!


Don't Miss the LP Book Fair!

Our annual book fair is a very exciting week around LP! Join us for some fun times at this year's fair, themed "Enchanted Forest".


The schedule will be as follows:


Family Night Thursday, November 8th , 6-8pm

(costumes or PJs optional for Family Night)

Friday, November 9th from 9-2


Tuesday, November 13th from 9-2

Wednesday, November 14th from 9-2

Thursday, November 15th from 9-2.


Please plan to visit during this awesome event which is the primary fundraiser for our library. The success of this event allows Mrs. Russell to purchase many new books for our LP Library. There will also be a Magical Storytime with Gnome Burns on Friday, November 9th during snack recess at 10:25 in front of the library.



Please send me a note if you have specific questions you'd like address prior to our conference so I can address them in the short time we have together.


During Conference Week

Tuesday, November 13th (minimum day)

11:45 am to 2:00 pm

We are trying something new this year with our movie event. We have planned for a "Movie Afternoon" on Tuesday, November 13th, which is one of the minimum days during Conference Week. This event will run from 11:45 am to 2:00 pm, and will include a movie, pizza and popcorn. Tickets will be $10 per child, only LP students will be able to attend. Tickets available on MTK.

Thank you for your support!



October Updates


Dear Room 11 Families,

We are having a spook-tacular October so far! We had our Fun Run and St. Mary's Basketball players read to us this past week. Check out our awesome photos!


I will be sending home your child's Math Unit 2 test on Friday. Please take a look at all math worksheets coming home and work with your child on any problems/concepts they are missing. I have Homework/Remembering math books if you would like to support your child at home. Please email me if you would like one and I will send it home on Friday.


We have started a fun new reading unit. Your child is working their way into becoming official "Word Detectives" by solving tricky words using a variety of strategies. It's been hard work but they seem to like the challenge!


In your child's 10/24 Homework Folder you will find their school photos. We will have photo retakes next Monday, October 29. Please see the retake packet in the folder for more information. We will also be retaking our class photos because we had two students out.


The Halloween parade will be next Wednesday starting at 8:45 on the PDA lower playground. The LP PTA will be providing coffee at the Halloween parade and will have LP socks ($20) and magnets ($6) available for sale prior to the parade. 


Our room parents, Jennifer Crain and Meghan Gerber, have planned a very special party following the parade.. If you would like to help out, please sign up on the link

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me.

Thank you for your support!

Mrs. Tom


September Updates:

Dear Room 11 Parents,

We've been working hard in all subject areas and enjoying our apple month activities! Here are some quick updates:


We are learning about creating circle drawings to help us with addition then writing the equation. We took Unit 1 test last week after practicing in class and getting one-to-one help if they were struggling. Please review any problems they missed to help them feel confident in addition.


We are enjoying writing about our Small Moments, adding details like dialogue and small action. We are working with our partners asking them questions and then filling in details to help them picture our moment in their heads.


We are scooping up words, using pictures to help us predict what words are on the page and retelling the story or our favorite parts at the end of the book.

Math Stations & Computer Lab Volunteers:

Sarah Christensen has graciously put together Signup Genius for our math stations and computer volunteers. If you haven't signed up, please click on the links below! If you could please give others a chance to volunteer, I would appreciate it. If you cannot make it, please find your replacement! Reach out to Room Parents, Jennifer Crain or Meghan Gerber if you need help.

Math Lab:

Computer Lab:


I sent home their first handwriting/phonics assessment along with Parent letters and Letter Formation guides. Please use the laminated handwriting page to practice letters they wrote incorrectly on their assessment.

Thursday is Picture Day! Unfortunately we are after PE, so we'll try out best to "clean up" for our photos are taken.

Parent-Teacher Conferences:

I sent out invites to sign up for a 20 minute conference with me in November. If you haven't signed up, please click on the link below.

Raz-Kids Reading at Home

I've encouraged students to read 20 min. a day at home. For every 20 min. session (should not be longer than 20 min. at at time because they lose focus and do not retain the information), they will receive a Green Raffle Ticket at the end of the week!

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me! Thank you so much for your support.


Mrs. Tom

A Rainbow of Possibilities at Los Perales!
A Rainbow of Possibilities at Los Perales!
LP Staff - Colors of the Rainbow!
LP Staff - Colors of the Rainbow!
Mrs. Tom's Fun Run
Mrs. Tom's Fun Run
Reading with St. Mary's Basketball Players!