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Ms. Hood- Teacher's Assistant
Ms. Hood- Teacher's Assistant
Mrs. Wagner - Student Teacher
Mrs. Wagner - Student Teacher
Suzanne Tom Locker
Electives Schedule

ART - Every other Monday 1:00-1:45 with Ms. Larsen

MUSIC - Tuesdays 9:55-10:25 with Mr. Jent

LIBRARY - Tuesdays 1:25-1:55 with Mrs. Russell

COMPUTERS - Thursdays 1:00-1:30 with Ms. Ludwig

PE - Wednesdays 1:05-1:50 and Thursdays 10:45-11:30 with Mr. Studebaker

Math Stations - Every other Friday 12:40-1:55 (subject to change due to holidays)

Star of the Week!

We will be starting Star of the Week in September.  Your child will be coming home with a poster one week before their date.  Please help them fill out the poster if need be.  They are allowed to bring something to share each day.  No animals however are allowed for sharing.  Their poster will be hung in our room the entire week, and returned home the following Friday.  To make it fare, I have not scheduled anybody on a week where we have a day or two off.


I will be setting up your child's own Raz-Kids account, which they can use at school and at home. Their username and password cards will be sent home the week of Sept. 11. Parents can also register and see how their child is performing!

To help your child be a stronger reader, please have them listen to the story once, read aloud the second time and then reread the third time. If they have a microphone on their computer, they can also record their reading so I can listen to them (I LOVE that!). Afterwards, they can take their quiz and see how they do. They may need to read the story again to move onto the next book. Happy Reading!

Scholastic Book Orders!


Please create a love of reading by letting your child choose their own books at the library, bookstore or order online. Reading 20 min. a day at home will help support their reading development. 

We will be sending Scholastic book orders home every month. Just like adults love to browse in bookstores, kids love to look at the Scholastic orders and see what's new and exciting. I earn points every time you order and I love to purchase books for our classroom. No need to send in orders and checks! This is done all online. :)

Here's a link to my Scholastic website if you'd like to take a look!

Suzanne Tom

Warriors Player turned Children's Author - Adonal Foyle!
Warriors Player turned Children's Author - Adonal Foyle!
Be an Upstander!
Room 11 Updates!

Tuesday, October 28, 2019

Dear Room 11 Families,

I'm so happy the power is back on and I hope everyone stays safe during this windy season.

Fall Leaves Collection

I've asked your child to collect (7) beautiful fall leaves that are NOT crunchy so we can create a beautiful project next week. Please put them in a ziplock bag and send them in by Monday, November 4. They should not be huge... maybe 5 inches or less. Thank you so much!


Halloween Details

Just a reminder this Thursday on Halloween EVERYONE IS AN EARLY BIRD. Parade will be from 8:45-9:15 on the PDA playground. Our classroom activity stations will follow (thanks Becky and Marisol for putting this together for our class!). Please remember our school guidelines sent out:

LP's Halloween Parade is right around the corner and the following guidelines are designed to ensure that all our students enjoy a safe and happy Halloween at school:


"Accessories" resembling weapons such as guns, knives, swords, etc. are inappropriate and never allowed at school.  Such items will be removed from students and returned to parents at a later time.


We also appreciate students being considerate of those who get easily frightened by keeping "blood and gore" to a minimum.


"Our culture is not your costume."  Please be thoughtful of costume choices and consider whether they are culturally appropriate.


All students follow the early schedule on Halloween, also Friday, November 1st is a Staff Development Day (Non-Student Day).


Our goal is to provide our students with a fun and safe Halloween this year.  Thank your for your understanding!


Stephanie Richards


​Friday, November 1 - NO SCHOOL Staff Development!

​Parent-Teacher Conferences​

​I'm looking forward to meeting with you to discuss your child's progress so far this year. The week of Nov. 18-22 is parent-teacher conference week. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday are min. days! Wednesday is an early release as normal. Please choose a 20 min. time slot to meet with me. If you cannot make it, you can switch with another parent.

Mrs. Tom's Parent-Teacher Conference Signups!

As always, I appreciate your support! Please visit my website to see some fun photos of the St. Mary's Basketball team visit last week. My website has more details about what we've been learning and links to our math station and computer lab volunteer signups.

Mrs. Tom's website
Suzanne Tom

1st Grade Teacher

Los Perales Elementary School


Friday, October 25, 2019

We've been having a spook-tacular October so far! A big shout out to Rory, Shira and Janna for helping out with our wild but fun Math Stations this week!

Our class has been struggling to stay healthy. The holidays will soon be upon us and I'm sure we all want to enjoy our time with family and friends. If you could please keep your child home if they are sick (fever-free for 24 hours), we all would truly appreciate it. Medicine wears off before lunch and then they may struggle with their symptoms for the rest of the day. Thank you in advance for your cooperation!

Today we had a special visit from the St. Mary's Men's Basketball team! They came out to read to our grade levels and even shot some hoops with the kids at recess. They each received a poster and a flyer for upcoming events. 


We are practicing word problems - using both addition and subtraction. This is a very difficult concept for many students. Please take a look at math worksheets coming home. If your child is struggling, please practice making up similar problems. You can use beans, Halloween candy or cereal to help them grasp these concepts!

Writing How-To's

We celebrated our Small Moment writing unit and are learning how to teach others by using step-by-step directions. You can hep by having them give instructions for things they are doing at home, like getting ready for bed, setting the table, feeding their pet, making a sandwich, etc... They should only give 3-5 simple steps. Act it out as they tell you to make it even more fun!

Earning Word Detective Badges!

In reading we've been given daily "Top Secret Missions" to help decode tricky words. It's been a blast practicing on their own or with partners. When you read with your child and they come to a tricky word, have them practice using different strategies to figure it out... you should be impressed! Some hints: use the picture, look for words within a word, stretch the word out from beginning to end, and try saying the vowel 2 ways. If they say a word that isn't correct, ask them one of these questions: "Does that sound right? Does that look right? Does that make sense?"

Halloween Time!

Thursday, October 31 all students will be EARLY SCHOLARS! 

Our parade is from 8:25-9:15 and parking will be difficult. Our classroom activities will follow. Our room parents, Becky and Marisol, will be sending out details soon for parent volunteers. Please remember that there are school rules for costumes and props! Your child will be in their costume all day - we are still in a learning environment - so please make sure they will be comfortable!

Friday, November 1, 2019 - NO SCHOOL!

This will be a staff development day. Enjoy your nice long weekend!

If you have any questions, concerns or celebrations please share them with me!

Thank you for your support. :)


Friday, October 4, 2019

Happy October Room 11 Families!

Your child has done a fabulous job with completing their Weekly Planners. I'm super proud of them for dressing in PE clothes, remembering library books and reading 20 min. a day!

Fun Run: Friday, October 11

Our class will be running 1:05-1:35 down on the lower field by Camino Ricardo. A flyer went home in their folder today with some important information.

Math: Subtraction Fun!

We have been practicing our subtraction skills by using circle drawings. We cross out circles when we take away. We circle what we have left. Then we write our subtraction equation to match. You can practice by giving them story problems and they should be able to draw a picture and write the equation. (i.e. There were 9 cats sitting on a fence. 5 of them jumped off. How many are left?) Make it fun by using spooky creatures like bats, ghosts, spiders, black cats, pumpkins, etc...)

Writing: Small Moments

We are publishing our Small Moments and creating an ebook using PuppetEdu. You'll soon be able to listen to your child read their book on SeeSaw. Stay tuned for how to sign up to access your child's electronic folder!

Reading- Word Detectives

Your child has been turned into Word Detectives this week. They have been given Missions to solve tricky words. If they are successful, they will earn their badges for their hard work! They will use all their strategies to figure hard words out - looking at the pictures, parts of words, sounding it out, trying vowel sounds 2 ways, reading the sentence again until they get to the word then thinking what would make sense. When they think they've figured it out, they need to double check it by reading the sentence again. Did it make sense? Did it look right? Did it sound right? Encourage them to figure it out on their own when they are reading independently at home!


Thank you to Mrs. Patterson for helping out in computers and Mrs. Navarro, Mrs. Lompa and Mrs. Curtis for running math stations this week! Mrs. DeShazer, thank you for stuffing our Friday Folders, too. We love having parents volunteer!

Enjoy your weekend.


Friday, September 20, 2019

Get ready for picture day on Tuesday, Sept. 24! Also, a gentle reminder that cold and flu season is upon us. Please make sure your child has enough sleep. We would appreciate keeping your child home if they are not feeling well so we can keep Room 11 happy and healthy!

We've been busy learning and practicing new concepts all throughout the day!

In math, we have been practicing underlining the greater number and counting on using our fingers or writing dots above the lesser number. It's much quicker practicing this way!

In writing, we have been studying mentor texts and trying to emulate (yes, the kids know it means trying to match by imitating or copying them) their writer's craft in our own small moments. They have practiced using dialogue, thinking, small action, pop out words and ellipses to help add excitement.

In reading, we have been dropping bad habits when we come to tricky words. Instead we roll up our sleeves and try to practice good habits. We use pictures to help us figure them out, looking for parts of words, catching ourselves if it doesn't sound right or make sense or reading on to see if we can figure out what word would make sense.

In Fundations, we have been practicing tapping out letter sounds and then blending it together. We also learned about digraphs (sh, th, wh, ck, ch). They have two letters but make one sound. They only get one tap.

A big shout out to Amanda Hoynes, Lauren Lee, Elizabeth Andres, Shira Lompa and Linda Bruce for volunteering in computers and math stations!

Thank you for your continued support. Enjoy your weekend!

Suzanne Tom


Friday, September 6, 2019


Dear Room 11 Families,

Our first week of September was packed!


We took our first Fundations test. We assessed your child's letter formations and letter sounds. Please look in their folders for their scores. If they missed forming a letter, please work with them using the handout I gave you at Back to School Night. You should say how to form the letters as they write them! They make look right, but they were not forming them correctly.

We also sent home their Unit 1 Phonics packet. If they did not finish it (most likely they will not because they do this independently as a station), they can work on this independently at home. We are practicing reading directions on our own and figuring out how to do the activity on our own since I will be reading with students during stations. Of course, if they need help to get started that's always ok!


We had our first math stations today. Thank you to Elizabeth Andrews for coming out to help. I need 3 parents every math station Friday. If we do not have enough, I will need to cancel them, which would be very disappointing because the kids love them. A big shout out to Jamie Patterson for helping out during computers, too. We are using ipads and learning how to do SeeSaw activities. Super cool! Soon parents will be able to sign up to get pings when we post our learning during the day! Please visit our Signup Genius to sign up.





Enjoy your weekend and please reach out if you have any questions or concerns.



Friday, August 30, 2019

Happy Friday!

We had a very busy week getting in the routine of phonics, reading, writing and math! Your child also took responsibility for their Weekly Planner. We talked about where they posted it at home where it should be visible to THEM. They should check it before they leave for school and when they get home. Please only check the box if they completed it on that day. When they get home today, please have them take it out the new one and post it and put this week's completed Weekly Planner back into the folder and in their backpack. Setting up this routine will be very helpful for everyone!


Tuesday Early/Late Scholar Begins!

Please check your Communications Folder for the letter that tells you which group they are assigned starting next Tuesday. As I mentioned at Back to School Night, there's a lot of considerations and thought that is put into these assignments. Please try not to request changes. I may make a change or two as the year progresses.


Math Stations and Computer Volunteers

Thank you Shira Lompa for setting up our SignUp Genius for these two important volunteer opportunities. Please click on the link below. I'm not sure of they availability of parents... if there's a lot of parents trying to sign up please try to give everyone a turn. If you sign up and need to cancel - PLEASE find a replacement by asking other parents or reaching out to Becky or Marisol our Room Parents.








Today was an exciting day because we met our new 3rd grade reading buddies! We love reading with them and getting to know them. 


Enjoy your nice long weekend!




Thursday, August 22, 2019


Dear Room 11 Parents,

I wanted to thank each and every one of you who took the time to attend on Tuesday night. It was wonderful to meet so many of you. I can see why my class is so sweet!



A BIG shout out to Becky Bruno (Matthew) and Marisol Greenlee (Carter) for signing up to be our Room Parents this year! Becky also signed up to help with library. Amanda Brownlee (Alicia) volunteered to help with Scholastic orders and Rory DeShazer (Owen) signed up for Friday Folders

I need someone to help me with setting up Signup Genius for math stations and computers. If you know how to do this, I would appreciate your help!



I will be sending home the Weekly Planner on Friday. Please track next week and send it back to me next Friday signed.



I sent home Unit 1, but I will NOT being that until until after Labor Day. Please just review it and practice letters using the letter formation guidelines I sent home. If they do not form the letters properly, PLEASE have them write them multiple times until they master it.



I will be sending home your photo collage homework for parents! Please return them by next Friday!


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me.

​Thank you and have a great rest of your week!​



Suzanne Tom

1st Grade Teacher

Los Perales Elementary School


August 16, 2019


Dear Room 11 First Grade Families,


We had a wonderful first day! It was nice to start the morning off with smiles from both parents and students. If your dying to know how their day went but they are reluctant to tell, try asking them open ended questions rather than yes or no questions. Some examples are "What was your favorite part of today?" "What happened at lunch?" "What did you do at recess?"



Please pack your child's snack separately from their lunch box. They should be labeled - even wrappers and bags. We sometimes have duplicate snacks and it's confusing when they are trying to find theirs. Water bottles can be brought to class, but they can only have water inside. 



Thank you to all parents who bought the kits and brought in supplies. If you forgot, please send them in this week. I would LOVE 6 more pencil boxes and big bottles of hand sanitizer if you are out and about.



I sent home a blue folder in your child's backpack. Please look for it when you get home. I have enclosed some important information - including your child's interview time starting next week. Please send home the bottom portion letting me know if that day/time works for you.



We are no longer allowed to print non-academic items in color - which includes any photos of our students. It's hard in first grade due to the amount of personalized projects we do. If you could help out either printing in color or donating colored ink cartridges, that would be great! Just send me an email and thank you in advance!



I hope to see all of you at our BTSN next Tuesday, Aug. 20. Please remember it's a MINIMUM DAY! 1 & 2nd grade is 7:15-8pm, 3-5th is 6:15-7. This is for parents only. If you cannot make it, I will post my presentation on my website.



Please come meet other new families at our New Families Picnic on Wednesday, Aug. 21 from 3:30-5:30 @ Moraga Commons. A great way to connect with others.


Whew... that's a long first email! If you have any questions, concerns, comments, please feel free to email me.


Thank you for your support and I'm already excited for Day 2!

A Rainbow of Possibilities at Los Perales!
A Rainbow of Possibilities at Los Perales!
Going on a Bear Hunt!
Going on a Bear Hunt!