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Margrethe Ramirez

Weekly News!

This week in room 15… 

  • Food Drive:  December 10-19.  See flier that went home Thursday or PTA newsletter for details. Our class watched this powerful video as well.
  • We are doing reading about a country that is reflected in our heritage.  Students are gathering information to share with the class.  This is a very open ended assignment in which the students will be sharing what they learned with their classmates next week.In Writer's Workshop, students worked on making the important part of their story stronger by adding vivid descriptions, meaningful dialogue and slowing parts down to tell bit by bit.  We also worked on making sure our work contained transition words as well as dialogue that is correctly punctuated.  We began publishing our writing this week.
  • Our class continues to learn about immigration and Ellis Island in preparation for Immigration Day next Wednesday.  Students have assumed new identifies for their travels on Wednesday.  Please be sure to pack and dress for the event on Wednesday, December 19th.  It was wonderful to learn about each other's families and backgrounds.  I have learned a lot, for example I now know a bit about the Persian New Year and about English Christmas Traditions.  Thank you for taking the time to share stories about your family's history and traditions.    
  • We worked diligently to learn how to identify the start time, end time and elapsed time during our math sessions this week.  This is a real life skill that can be practiced at home.  Students have been showing their thinking using a number line.  Students have been assigned "Time" and "Measurement" activities in the Dreambox program.  We have been accessing this in class but it's something that they can work through at home as well.  
  • Again our science lab this week fit in perfectly with the math unit we have been working on.  We worked on using metric units: milliliters and liters to find the volume of various containers.  Thank you MEF and Mrs. Gannett!
  • Life Skill Focus:  Curiosity- wanting to learn new things, Cooperation- to work together and Flexibility- to change what you are doing to compromise. I am proud to recognize Alex for modeling curiosity this week!  Way to go! 








Volunteer Sign Ups

Look for ways to that parents can help out during the school year. 


Thank you to the overwhelming response for help and support at our up-coming Immigration Day.  I appreciate the fact that more people volunteered than were needed.  Thank you!  


The next parent help event is on Thursday, February 14:  Class Party organized by Room Parent, Davina Roche.


Thank you for volunteering to make our school the best it can be!















Weekly Reminders

Field Trip Donations:  See school newsletter:  $90 donation can be made online or can be paid with a check made out to Moraga School District.  THANK  YOU for supporting trips to enhance our learning!



Immigration Day:  Wednesday, December 19th.  Students are to dress and pack for the event.  A note will be sent home in the upcoming week with more details. 


Winter Break:  December 22- January 6th.  Enjoy!  See you all on the 7th!






















Raz-Kids Reading/Dreambox Math

Raz-Kids log in: The code for our class is mmramirez.  Students select their name and they each will have a pass-code.


You should have received a letter electronically and a hard copy with details on  how to access Dreambox at home.  Students may access this self paced math practice by clicking on the "clever" link on the district web page under "student resources".  Student then log in using their school google account. Please contact me if you have questions.


Dreambox homework assignments will begin on a trial basis the next two weeks.  I will be assigning a skill to practice at home.  Students will need to work in that skill area and complete lessons.  Please contact me with questions/concerns regarding this.





Scholastic Book Orders

Scholastic Book Orders are placed every 3-5 weeks.  I usually send home Scholastic book fliers every month.  The due date for orders will be listed here as well as on the Scholastic website.  


Books can be ordered by visiting Scholastic and using our class code: LW9P2.