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Dates to Remember

2/01 Field Trip to St. Mary's

2/04 100th Day of School

2/14 Valentine's Day Party

2/15&12/18 Presidents Day Holiday- No School




Items Needed for the Classoom

*Plastic cups

*Paper towels

*Treasures for the treasure box


Thank you!!

Bravo PTA!!

We are so grateful to the parents who make up our wonderful PTA!  Through their leadership and your fantastic participation, funds have been successfully raised to update our aging sound system in the multi-use room.  This is no small feat. 

But did you know that PTA does so much more every year?  Funding for classroom and office supplies, staff training, art and PE supplies all comes from PTA!  Let’s also not forget about the fun events such as:  Movie Night, mother/son dodgeball, father/daughter dance… the list goes on! Thanks PTA for all that you do! 

Andrea Barrett




February News



   February is a busy month and we have so much to do yet in first grade.  The children are progressing well. 


   We have finished our unit on Air and Weather and have begun Sound and light. We’ve been learning how sound is made by vibration. We’ve been experimenting with different sounds and discussing how to make high and low sounds as well as pitch. I hope your child has been sharing all that we learned.  


   In Math, we are continuing the unit of place value to help us add and subtract larger numbers.  Please continue to help your child with the memorization of math facts at home.  At this time, they should be able to add facts to 10, without hesitation, and subtract from 10 as well.  Currently, we are working on the strategies of doubles, doubles +/-1, and doubles +/-2. 


                We are finishing our unit on informational writing and the children are “publishing” their best story.  This unit was more challenging for some.  They became “teachers” and had to write about a topic that they felt they knew a lot about. 

            Next, we will begin a unit on opinion writing.  For this unit, the children will need to bring in a collection they have at home.  For example, it could be a collection of seashells, baseball cards, small animal figures, bracelets, coins, rocks, etc. – anything that would fit in a large zip lock bag from which it would be easy to choose a favorite.  More information will come.


Valentine’s Day

                  Valentine’s Day is coming!   We are having a party for this event, at 12:40. We will be exchanging valentines at the end of our party.  If your child would like to participate, they can use the class list I’ll be sending home, to address their individual cards or leave the cards blank so it is generic.  Small candies are okay. Please remind your child to sign his/her name because it is sometimes frustrating to not know the name of the sender.  Our Valentine holders will be hung up in class. They may begin bringing in their cards  February 13-14th.


   I wish to thank to all our wonderful families that have supported MEF this year.  We tend to think, sometimes, that little first graders do not benefit as much as the older students.  That’s not true.                                

   Without your donations, our students would not have Art, Music, P.E., and Library Services.  These excellent staff members provide an educational experience that other children may not have in other districts.  MEF dollars also fund our Teachers Aides, Science Aide, Reading Tutors, Kids Connection and so much more, that directly affects our little ones.  We are very fortunate to be in a school district with support such as ours.  Thank you again for your donations!






2/5 Ashley Dector

2/26 Sonali Berkes