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Dates to Remember

12/7- Adventuremore visits and we make Oobleck

(All students are early that day 8:25-1:55)

12/21 Holiday Party (10:45-11:15)



Items Needed for the Classoom

*Hand Sanitizer

*Paper towels

*Treasures for the treasure box


Thank you!!

Bravo PTA!!

We are so grateful to the parents who make up our wonderful PTA!  Through their leadership and your fantastic participation, funds have been successfully raised to update our aging sound system in the multi-use room.  This is no small feat. 

But did you know that PTA does so much more every year?  Funding for classroom and office supplies, staff training, art and PE supplies all comes from PTA!  Let’s also not forget about the fun events such as:  Movie Night, mother/son dodgeball, father/daughter dance… the list goes on! Thanks PTA for all that you do! 

Andrea Barrett




Dear Parents,

   It was a pleasure to meet with all of you during conference week.  I enjoyed discussing your child’s progress and getting to know your child a little better.  The insights you provided will allow me to teach your child in a more productive way.  I hope we will continue to work together to provide a wonderful first grade year for your child.


   In Math, we are finishing our unit on unknown numbers in equations and learning about how addition and subtraction equations are related.  For example, knowing 3+4=7 can help us solve 7- __=4 or 7-4= __.

   We will also continue to practice the addition and subtraction strategies we have learned to compute higher values.  Please help your child memorize their math facts.  Our next unit will focus on Place Value concepts and larger numbers.

Reading and Writing

        We have launched our Informational unit in both Reading and Writing Workshop. We have been reading lots of non-fiction books and have begun to write “All About” books where students must teach about something they are experts on. Please encourage your child to read non-fiction at home.


        In science we have been observing the phases of the moon and learning about wind. We have finished observing the moon but will continue learning about wind and the seasons.


Holidays/Social Studies

        The children and I will be learning about and sharing holiday traditions and/or customs our families celebrate.  This is an opportunity to teach the children about other cultures and the traditions our own families celebrate while introducing some geography. 

    Some of the traditions we will discuss in class are Santa Lucia Day, Sinterklass Day, Kwanzaa, Christmas, Hanukkah and later, Chinese New Year.  If your family celebrates any of these holidays and are willing to share your traditions with the class, please let me know. The children enjoy sharing and learning about other traditions and celebrations.

   There are also many more customs or traditions not mentioned.  If you have any that you are willing to share with the class, please let me know.  We are by no means limited only to sharing just these traditions during this time of year.    


Happy Holidays!!





12/4 Colin

12/11 Avery

12/18 Sophia