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Dates to Remember


Box Lunch- June 4th

Musical- June 7th (11:15-12:00)

Last Day of School- June 8th (min. day)

End of the year party 10:45



Thank you!!

Bravo PTA!!

We are so grateful to the parents who make up our wonderful PTA!  Through their leadership and your fantastic participation, funds have been successfully raised to update our aging sound system in the multi-use room.  This is no small feat. 

But did you know that PTA does so much more every year?  Funding for classroom and office supplies, staff training, art and PE supplies all comes from PTA!  Let’s also not forget about the fun events such as:  Movie Night, mother/son dodgeball, father/daughter dance… the list goes on! Thanks PTA for all that you do! 

St. Mary's Basketball players read to us
Andrea Barrett Locker

Andrea Barrett



June News


Dear Parents,

     It is hard to believe there is only one week left of the school year.  Each and every child has grown so much!  I have enjoyed being their teacher. Thank you for your support!

The children were very proud of themselves at Open House.  Thank you for coming and making time in your busy schedule to visit our class  to look at their work and listen to your child read his/her stories.   

Box Lunch Social

     There are many activities planned for the last week of school.  One is the Box Lunch on Monday, June 4th. The children will fill out a menu of their lunch preference at school. Then they will all be placed in a bag.  Your child will draw a menu out of the bag and be asked to prepare the lunch for that secret person. They should also decorate a shoebox at home in which the lunch will be delivered.  It is important that the menu be taped to the bottom of the shoebox so we know who should receive the lunch.  It is a fun activity that the children enjoy.  Please be sure that your child is prepared for this. It would mean another child will not get a lunch if he/she forgets. The lunch should come to school with your child on the morning of Monday, June 4th

 Last Day of School

        On the last day of school, the children will be involved in some fun- filled outdoor activities.  Please be sure they are appropriately dressed. Sunscreen is advised. They may also wish to wear a hat.                               


The last day of school is a minimum day.  All the children will come to school at 8:25 a.m. and be dismissed at 12:12 p.m.


        If I do not see you before the end of the year, have a safe and enjoyable summer!


                    Andrea Barrett




Lawrence Hall of Science Field Trip
Classroom Door
For Teacher Appreciation Week
Room 7 has a lot of Pockets!