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Dates to Remember

May 22- Market Day

May 24- Class Musical (9:40-10:25)

May 25- End of the Year Party (10:45-12:15) Box Lunch Due

May 26- Last Day of School (Min. Day)




Dia de los Muertos
Dia de los Muertos
Thank you!!

I would like to thank ALL our wonderful parents who have already donated to MEF! Our children are so very fortunate to have such a wonderful resource to support their learning. Without it, we would not have our art classes, music classes, librarians, P.E. teachers, classroom aides, school supplies and so much more. If you have not donated to this valuable foundation, please consider doing so. It’s not too late! Thank you from the children and myself as your child’s teacher!

Andrea Barrett

May News


Dear Parents,


I can’t believe this is our last month together. The children have made such wonderful progress this year.


Spring has officially hit our students! Not only do many children suffer from allergies, but they are getting very excited about the end of the year.


Language Arts

We have been meeting in our same series book clubs. The children are taking a closer look at how authors describe settings, include sound words, use small actions and add a lot of dialogue to their stories. They love meeting in their groups and discussing everything they have noticed.


In Fundations, we’ve been working on double vowel teams, contractions, prefixes, suffixes, and plurals. We have been discussing syllables and how words are divided up by vowel sounds and consonant. (short and long vowels, adding prefixes and suffixes to base words, including adding s/es-ed-ing, contractions, and compound words.)


We are wrapping up writing our opinions about books and will launch our poetry unit next week. The children will learn to look at simple objects through a Poet’s eyes and how to break up their poems using line breaks to make their poem have “music”.



Social Studies

In Social Studies we have been learning about how communities change over time and how people can make a difference.



In Math, we finished up our unit on time and graphing and have begun our unit on 3-Digit Addition and Subtraction. Of course, you can still practice strategies that we’ve already covered this year. You may want to have your child practice regrouping using two- and three-digit numbers including money. This will require knowing the correct way to write dollars and cents.  As for ideas on reinforcing measurement you can bake/cook with your child, rearrange a room using measurement, and weigh produce at the store.  Geometry is all around us.  So, when you are stuck in the car or on a walk look for 2 dimensional and 3-dimensional shapes in our environment.  If you play golf or pool look for and discuss angles. Ask your child what polygon means or if a sphere has any edges, angles, or vertices.

Friday, May 19th will be our last Math Stations.


Summer Birthdays

We have some summer birthdays and don’t want anyone to feel left out. If you would like to schedule a time to come in and read a book to the class in honor of your child’s birthday, please reach out to me and we’ll pick a time that works for you.

Star of the Week

May 1-5 Christian 

May 8-12 Teddy 

May 15-19 Harrison





Ethan- May 8th

Christian- May 15th

Alex- May 28th

Tabitha- May 21st



Items Needed for the Classoom

*Small paper plates

*Zip-lock bags (sandwich sized) with the white label you can write on.

*Small paper plates- We really need!

*Plastic cups

*Treasures for the treasure box*





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