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Contact Stephanie Richards  Stephanie Richards Principal
Office Staff
Contact Marlo DeBiasse  Marlo DeBiasse Assistant Secretary
Contact Julie Lawrie  Julie Lawrie Secretary

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Staff Directory

Transitional Kindergarten
Contact Shaun Paul  Shaun Paul TK Grade Teacher
Kindergarten Teachers
Contact Jessica LaBasco  Jessica LaBasco Kindergarten Teacher
Contact Joni Pearce  Joni Pearce Kindergarten Teacher
Contact Tami Pearson  Tami Pearson Kindergarten Teacher
First Grade Teachers
Contact Sharon Lee  Sharon Lee 1st Grade Teacher
Contact Tanya Rago  Tanya Rago 1st Grade Teacher
Contact Suzanne Tom  Suzanne Tom 1st Grade Teacher
Second Grade Teachers
Contact Andrea Barrett  Andrea Barrett 2nd Grade Teacher
Contact Dianne Furuya-Wong  Dianne Furuya-Wong 2nd Grade Teacher
Contact Rebecca Walker  Rebecca Walker 2nd Grade Teacher
Third Grade Teachers
Contact Lindsay Garrity  Lindsay Garrity 3rd Grade Teacher
Contact Margrethe Ramirez  Margrethe Ramirez 3rd Grade Teacher
Contact Erin Thompson  Erin Thompson 3rd Grade Teacher
Fourth Grade Teachers
Contact Lorie Comerford  Lorie Comerford Teacher
Contact Millie Tang  Millie Tang 4th Grade Teacher
Fifth Grade Teachers
Contact Terry Garcia  Terry Garcia 5th Grade Teacher
Contact Lauren Koeberer  Lauren Koeberer Teacher
Contact Christina Mignano  Christina Mignano 5th Grade Teacher
School Staff
Contact Thia Boggs  Thia Boggs Librarian
Contact Annette Herbert  Annette Herbert Kids Connection
Contact Marsha Jones-Lam  Marsha Jones-Lam Learning Center
Contact Harriett Kantor  Harriett Kantor Panther Club Director
Contact Dana Ludwig  Dana Ludwig (925) 377-5002 Computer Lab Coordinator
Contact Rima Makdisi  Rima Makdisi Reading Tutor
Contact Marie Olsen  Marie Olsen Speech
Contact Larysa Rybchynska Larson  Larysa Rybchynska Larson Art Teacher
Contact Nancy Smith  Nancy Smith Reading Tutor
Contact John Studebaker  John Studebaker PE Teacher
Contact LP Webmaster  LP Webmaster LP Webmaster
Contact Moose Wesler  Moose Wesler Art Teacher