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MEF-PTA Partnership

What is the difference between PTAs and the Moraga Education Foundation (MEF)?

Many parents seek clarity as to the differences between the PTAs and MEF and why two separate organizations are required at each school.  It is true that MEF and PTA share a common goal - the betterment of our children's education.  Both organizations work together throughout the year toward that end, but we each have a separate focus and are governed differently.

Missions of PTAs & MEF:

PTAs provide an environment that invites parents and families to become involved in the education process.  They provide extra-curricular activities such as math night, after school enrichment programs, spelling bees, assemblies, family-school events, as well as academic support programs. MEF’s goal is to raise the money necessary to provide our children with the most competitive education possible.  This typically translates to purchasing elements of education that the district and the state are unable to provide, be it technology, supplemental curriculum or valuable student services. 

These two organizations are governed differently with respect to how they raise and spend money.  PTA, as a national organization, is bound by strict by-laws that dictate how fundraising is achieved and how funds are implemented into programs.  MEF, on the other hand, can pursue as much fundraising as is necessary to achieve its stated goals.  Funding decisions are guided by district goals and district input to the MEF Board.

PTA and MEF Working Together:

PTAs continue to support MEF as the primary fundraiser through the MEF Annual Giving Campaign and will work with MEF to make its annual giving campaign a true success so each school site can more efficiently benefit from school fundraising support.  

The recommended MEF donation is $1,300 per K-8 student.  Please give what you can so each school site can continue its pursuit of providing excellence in education.

MEF will continue bridging the gap between what public education offers and what a competitive, 21st-century education ideally should be.  The PTAs will continue to advocate and build a strong community on behalf of Moraga students.  Both organizations greatly benefit from your support.