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D.A.D. (Doing Awesome Deeds) Club

The D.A.D. Club is an informal arm of the PTA targeted towards 'hands on’ volunteers. It’s an EASY way to be involved at LP to make a positive impact our school and our students. ANY level of commitment is appreciated. We don’t do meetings. We don’t have dues. Everyone is welcome in the D.A.D. Club!

Some of the things the club might do include- 

*Help the PTA setup and teardown event

*Organize informal gatherings for parents

*Help the teachers by doing odd-jobs in the classroom

*Other on-campus work parties


     D.A.D. Club 

When:  Various events planned through out the year. See PTA Events calendar for details

Contact: D.A.D. Club Coordinators Ben Sandler and Kevin Wong.