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Second Grade


Students learned the computer lab rules and different parts of the computer during their first class.

Keyboarding - Students learned about proper ergonomics while keyboarding and continue to practice keyboarding skills and work on home row finger placement with Dance Mat Typing, an online program that teaches touch-typing.

Zoo Animal Posters – Students selected an animal on the San Diego Zoo website and researched facts about it. They then used iPads and PuppetEdu to create a slideshow with the facts,  pictures, and an audio recording about their animal.

iPads - Students used the app Seesaw to work on computer lab and classroom teacher-initiated projects related to math, ELA, and holidays. They also worked on the math app, Dreambox.

Computer Coding –  Students started computer coding on in December and worked at their own pace through the 20-hour coding Course C during computer lab. They learned to assemble a series of blockly commands into simple programs to move characters through a maze, perform a series of tasks, or draw geometric designs and pictures. Students will also participate in the Hour of Code, a worldwide coding event organized by (See Classroom Links below). Students also created code to move a mechanical mouse through a variety of mazes.

Digital Citizenship: Students learned about a variety of topics and created projects in Seesaw to reinforce the concepts learned.

Website Links (Click text in blue to go to websites): - The Mom's and Kid's Playground - This website has a number of mouse activities to improve hand-eye coordination - This website contains a variety of activities that are grouped by grade and subject including typing activities.

Typing Club - Click to go to the login page. Username: first initial and last name (lowercase, no spaces), Password: ms123456

San Diego Zoo - Kids - San Diego Zoo site with information and activities for kids.


Coding: - Learn to write computer code and direct characters to perform different tasks

Mrs. Barrett's Login Page - Students will need to know their Secret character to log in 

Mrs. Walker's Login Page - Students will need to know their Secret character to log in

Mrs. Wong's Login Page - Students will need to know their Secret character to log in