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First Grade


Students spent the first class learning the computer lab rules and different parts of the computer.

Keyboarding - Students used the website to develop and refine their keyboarding skills. First, they learned the correct hand to use for each letter on the keyboard using Keyboard Zoo. They then continued with the activities, Cup Stacking and Type Rocket Jr., which reinforced letter location while motivating students to increase their speed in order to improve their scores. They then learned how to type uppercase letters and short sentences with Keyboard Zoo 2. 

Raz Kids - Students used this online program to practice reading. They work at their own pace to read and listen to eBooks and then take the  corresponding eQuiz.

Computer Coding – Students started computer coding on the website, with the 20-hour coding Course B on desktop computers in the lab. Students assembled a series of commands into a simple program to move characters through a maze, perform a series of tasks, or draw geometric designs and pictures. Students will participate in the Hour of Code, a worldwide coding event, on in December. See Classroom Links below

Zoo Animal Posters – Students took a virtual tour of the San Diego Zoo through the website. They then selected an animal from website and learned to copy and paste the picture and the caption of the animal from the website into a Microsoft Word document. They also typed their name and learned how to change the type and size of the font in the document and then how to save their project to the district server.

Digital Citizenship:

Going Places Safely – Students learned about the benefits of visiting places online, and also the rules they need to follow to be safe. Students then took a virtual field trip to the San Diego Zoo and explored the website.

Links to Websites (Click text in blue to go to websites): - The Mom's and Kid's Playground - This website has a number of mouse activities to improve hand-eye coordination - This website contains a variety of activities that are grouped by grade and subject including typing activities. - Learn to write computer code and direct characters to perform different tasks

Mrs. Barrett's Login Page (Students will need to know their secret character to log in)

Mrs. Rago's Login Page (Students will need to know their secret character to log in)

Mrs. Tom's Login Page (Students will need to know their secret character to log in)

San Diego Zoo - Kids - San Diego Zoo website with information and activities for kids.